Hey Life!?! Bring it on!

Some say God works in mysterious ways, others say things happen in their own good time, it was fated, when the student is ready the teacher appears, Etc etc.

I happen to come across your YouTube videos several years back “Self Coaching 101” and I was simply struck by the hairstylist that you did the model with and how she discovered her need to be appreciated and how she wasn’t appreciating herself.
It was fantastic and it really called me out on the carpet.
I knew Brooke must to be onto something.

Then of course life happened…. a few times and then a couple times more.
Meanwhile Brooke continues to fine-tune her art and she sent me an email recently inviting me to become part of it, to become a scholar.
Thanks for your passion and generosity producing a product so affordable, so immense and so necessary.

Here I am ready to rock. I have a feeling that life will try to get in the way again and that’s ok because this time I have signed up for support. I can see that my self coaching tool bag now run’eth over.
This is the year I AM claiming my worth.

Thanks Brooke for your dedication to helping the world change itself.
Will someone please get this lady a guitar? ….because Honey, You are a rock star!

Ever Grateful, Julia Hunsinger