Feedback on purpose, please

Hey Brooke! I would love some feedback on my purpose. When I’m not doing my day job, I write children’s fiction. But lately I have been thinking about becoming a coach as well. So I feel like I might have two kinds of work in this world.

My purpose attempts to address both: Through my writing, words and actions, I awaken people to possibility, joy and fullness.

Why: I want to become a possibility ninja, delivering inspiration with humor, love, insight and an incontrovertible sense of abundance. I want my brain to be fully awake, nimble and dancing to tunes I choose. I want to help people shine their lights on the world, brightening and warming it. I want to follow my interests and curiosity because it’s FUN.

This is something like my 37th draft of a purpose/why, but I am cutting myself off because I’m at the hour mark! Would love to know what you think.