Hiding from myself

So I have been in scholars since July.

The only time I do models or thought downloads are when it’s prompted in the work book.

I’ve done only about 3 outside of the work books.

When I’m experiencing negative emotion, sometimes I indulge in it other times I just try to move on from it. Or I’ll try and work it out in my head.

I don’t take the time to write things out.

Today on the call with Katrina, she mentioned how not writing in food journals can mean that we are trying to hide from ourselves.

Can this also mean the same thing when we are not doing any thought downloads or models on our negative emotions?

I think it’s what I may be doing.

For example, today I was in complete overwhelm and instead of feeling the feels and then trying to work it out on paper, I chose to stay in it all day.

I can sometimes remember that im doing it to myself but I just let my thoughts do what they want and then try to get over it later and think about how silly it was or completely beat myself up for it by thinking “I wasted so much time indulging in those negative emotions ”

But I don’t always address the main cause of things. Just in my head, sometimes.