High achievers and apathy

Hi Brooke,

Your podcast  this week on “Apathy” really got me thinking and I have a few questions for you.

Why would someone who is ambitious, goal-oriented and a high-achiever slip into apathy?

You say in the episode “you’ve set yourself up in your life where you can just default…you can just keep riding the momentum of the first 25 years of your life, you don’t have to do much just to survive”.

Why does that happen? I get that it all has to do with your mind but how does that ambitious, goal-oriented and high-achieving person go from striving and thriving to merely surviving?

Is it a belief system thing? That they always have the belief that once they get “there”, achieve “X status” or “Y goal” then they can take their foot off the break OR is it that something changes (some circumstance) and their thoughts change?

It just seems mind-boggling to me that someone could be moving forward in their life in a positive direction and building momentum and then just stop. I see why that happens when the thing you are doing is causing you suffering, but when it isn’t, why the change?

Is it possibly because the belief or motivation that motivated the original actions what motivated from a place that was not serving the person and they burned out?

So many questions, I know! But this episode really hit home and I’d love to know your thoughts on this.

Thanks a million!