Homeschooling my daughter

* I would like to work on how to have more beneficial T’s around teaching my daughter (G) during school time.
* I would also like some advice on how to help her (she is 5.5) to think more productively and positively, instead of just slithering off her chair, into a big pile of goo, giving a big sigh and saying, “I dooooon’t knooooow!” about questions I ask and work with her on.

C: G is in virtual home school
T: She is not retaining the information
F: Frustration
A: Yell, kids cry or run away or sometimes think I’m absolutely hilarious and laugh in my face. I try different ways of teaching subject to help her learn, walk away, push G harder, get a headache, put myself in time out, cry sometimes, buffer, wish for a nap time, do a thought download, tell my kids to go play in their room and be quiet for a bit, push through it and teach like a drill Sargent.
R: Guilt for yelling. Procrastination until the next day. Vent to my husband when he gets home (thats ends up being a whole different TD). Try again. Buffer sometimes. Go find other things to do to not be around my kids (doesn’t usually work for long).