Homework and my marriage — activity vs action

I’m struggling with how to conceptualize activity vs action in the idea I’m working on this week, which is to create an exceptional marriage.

Some of the actions I’m taking are:
-hug, kiss, and smile every day and do it with an open, appreciative, loving energy
– touch my husband at least 3x/day
-Ask him about his day and give feedback
– Ask him how his screenplay is going at least 1x/week
– Tell him about my worries/concerns and ask for his advice/feedback (instead of shutting down)
– Stop criticizing him and his family completely

I’m not sure how I measure the result, other than the feeling that I have. I know I have no control over how he experiences my actions, so is “create an exceptional marriage” even an idea on par with what Brooke is talking about this month?