Homework on Purpose with Weight Loss in Mind

I do believe that I am complete and good enough. I want however to be better. I think that if I were at or closer to goal weight, I’d be more open to social events. I’d be more inclusive rather than isolating at times. I wouldn’t be self-conscious around new people.

How do I relate this month’s topic to weight loss? Brainstorming my purpose I came up with:

I want to say yes more to social invitations
I want to be someone that doesn’t buffer with food
I want to lose the desire for overeating
I want to easily say no without feelings of discomfort or deprivation
I want to eliminate the chatter around food
I want to be strong and committed to myself and to my better health
I am a person that stays on protocol no matter what
I don’t quit on myself.

I’m thinking one of the last two would be my purpose. My reason and what it means to me:

I value myself. I’m important to me. I see myself as a priority. I won’t see food as love, as sexy or as comfort. I would finally get to the point that food has no power over me.

Feedback please