homework question on a thought that came up about weight loss belief


I love this month’s homework. I can feel it shifting things for me! I believe it is a game changer. My sentence that I want to believe is: “I weigh 134 pounds and allow my feelings without eating or drinking.”

My thought downloads consist of things like:
I am free.
I move through the world with confidence and grace.
I love waking up refreshed every day.
I love having so much energy.
I can handle whatever comes my way.
I love being in my own body.

These all feel like thoughts that I can embody and start living from here and now while I move towards my goals.

But today I wrote: “It is great that everything in my closet fits me.” This is something I do really look forward to but right now causes me some anxiety. This thought seems to highlight I that I am not where I want to be. Is there a way to phrase it differently or approach it differently or do I just drop it? As I said, this is something I really do want — to walk into my closet and know that all my clothes fit because I am at a stable natural weight that feels great.

Thanks for any insight!