Hope (….part 2)

Thank you for your explanation Brooke.

I did a thought download and realized that my thought was not that I “want him to call” but rather, I want him to “change his mind”. Once I figured that out, I was able to see that this thought was (is) DEFINITELY not serving me.

I put myself out there on a few occasions with this man and I was rejected every time. Ohhh, that was tough, but I lived through the rejection. For some reason, my brain told me it was going to work and I just needed to persevere. I was bound and determined but now understand that I need to move past “oh, I’m just giving up too easy” and go to “I need to accept what is happening in this moment”.

So, with that being said, I did a model:

C man
T I wish he would change his mind about us
F hopeful
A put life on hold and wait
R absolutely nothing

Intentional thought:

C man
T he doesn’t want a relationship because of his past hurt
F accepting
A move on and stop dwelling on something you can’t change
R move forward in life

Phew……I feel better already!!
Thank you.