Hot Mess Here

Hello and If you keep track of my questions here..GAH!! I am still in the land of overwhelm. I want to shift so many things in my life and I feel like I cannot constrain it. I was already working with the Amazing Corinne in her Weight loss tribe when I joined SCS..I wanted to join here so that I could take action in my business and start making money. Since I joined I almost feel like it’s made me feel worse about myself in every way. I am not moving forward, I am still spinning in this not enough, don’t know what I should be doing etc. etc. ……I feel like I am not getting it and that has always been my story..Everyone gets it but me..I want to get it and I want to move forward in my life…I am not sure how to end this spinning in overwhelm, feeling burdened with all of this and having no focus……on how to gain some momentum….I need to make money, I want to lose weight…..I cannot seem to break out of this pattern I resort to over and over. I am not even sure where to begin.