How can I help my 13 year old daughter learn to manage her mind?

Brooke, I joined scholars this month after listening to your podcast for almost a year. Everything you teach makes so much sense to me and I LOVE it! I am a high school teacher and Mom of 2 teens. I share your belief that it is so important to learn how to manage our minds — it really is the most important thing to learn!

My daughter is a pretty typical young teen girl, with mood swings, self-doubt, fear of what others think, etc… I am blessed that she wants to talk to me about her feelings and challenges. My question is how can I best help her? I guided her through a thought download, unintentional model, and intentional model. And she worked with it. But soon she began to spiral – thoughts and stress running wild again, resulting in a meltdown. What is the best way for me to respond?

Thank you!