How can I look in the mirror and have loving thoughts?

Background: I recently cut my hair. I don’t like my new haircut. I have a lot of thoughts about it that make me feel self-loathing, sad, down, disgusted.

These are my thoughts: I’m ugly. I’m not pretty. I look like a boy. I need to lose weight. I hate my hair. I don’t look like me.

If I plug ONE into the model:

C: Haircut
T: I don’t look like me
F: sad
A: cry, avoid, shut down, don’t do videos, journal, self-coach, get coaching, feel and process, tapping
R: I’m not being me

I’m having a really hard time. It’s been weeks of this. I wake up feeling this way, I am processing my feelings, I go into my body and feel and process. I also have been telling myself I don’t need to believe these thoughts whenever I notice them.

BUT every time I see myself on camera or in the mirror I feel this way, it’s taking up way too much of my time, it’s a distraction.