How can I make my impossible goal measurable? – part 2

Thanks for the response – so does the ultimate goal need to be measurable? I.e. is ‘love and accept myself exactly as I am ‘too subjective.’

I like the idea of making it actionable by committing to do specific courses in Scholars but this doesn’t seem impossible or all that inspiring to me. It’s not something I can see myself returning to each day as a really inspiring ‘goal’ for the year – it seems to be more of a plan to achieve a goal.

I also have some fear around how much I’ll get out of the courses as I’ve done the relationships course in the vault before and didn’t find it very transformational in my relationship with my Mum (the reason I chose to do it).

Does the goal ‘love and accept myself completely’ work as an overarching goal and then I put in the Scholars courses (and I have some other online courses I’m currently doing in the realm of sexuality and pleasure that could add in too so it would add up to approx. 10 month of content) as the measurable and specific steps I’m taking in the furtherance of my (subjective but inspring ;)) overarching goal?

Or have you got any other ideas on how I could make the goal measurable AND inspiring?

Or do you think I should pick another goal?

I initially had ‘a symptom free pregnancy and intervention free home birth with no complications’ but I recently had a miscarriage so that goal is now off the table. I have no negative feelings about this and don’t feel like I’ve failed but it seems odd to stick to the same goal now.