How can I move on?

I joined because I need a Life Coach. Last year, April 25,2017 my 60 year old husband whom I was married to for less than three years attempted suicide, I found him. It was touch and go for a few days and then I spent several months caring for him and taking him to appointments. He came out on the other side different and we are now separated.

I have always been a strong woman, a “glass half full” person, a very posititve person who loves people. He moved back to NC on what would have been our third year anniversary. It is amazing the stigma associated with suicide. In 2013 I quit my very lucrative career to move to FL with him. It has now been five years so my industry is not interested in me. I am a Christian and a winner and I know that I will “land” where I am suppose to but the down time is destroying me. I acknowledged that my thoughts control everything but my thoughts right now are not good. I am so bored and I can not figure out what I should do.

If I get a job here, I might be obligated to stay and I do not want to, I want to move after I sell the house. I want to move far away, maybe even Europe?? Please help me to learn to facilitate m feelings as I think my emotions/stress are controling me.