How can I move through this

I have some mind drama from a situation that happened in the past.

I started a coaching business 2 years ago and 1 out of 4 people saw success with my program, and even the one that did, didn’t give me any credit for helping her.
I’m afraid to move forward and continue to try coaching because I feel iIdidn’t give them enough value for the price and 3 of the people actually just stopped paying me completely and one ended up being a fight/argument and credit card disputes.

C I had a coaching business
T I can’t get people results
F shame
A I don’t want to coach again, I think about the terrible experience I had and feel more shame, I think about how many people I could help and then I think about how I can’t do that anymore because I found out I suck
R I don’t allow for any opportunities of helping people to enter back into my mind.

I’m having a hard time knowing how to either feel through this or change my thoughts. Please help