How can I process my emotions but take action at the same time?

I thought I understood the model and committing to my self development and goals very well.

But I realized that I wasn’t using the model to understand why I felt what I felt. I would identify the thoughts/feelings that weren’t serving me and then would do intentional models that would serve me better. I never addressed the why. I have spent the last 3 months giving up ahead of time and buffering like crazy!

What I would like help with is this:
Once I identify how I am feeling in my original model, how do I hold space for that and process it while choosing
an intentional thought/feeling to help me achieve what I need to do?

I don’t just want to pick a new thought that really motivates me to action but then ignore and cover up my original thought. I know I can pick and choose the thoughts I want to focus on, but I haven’t really spent time truly identifying my pain.