How can I start believing ?

Since I started the program in January, I became aware of all my thoughts about me not believing that I deserve what I dream about. I am looking for a partner but I keep failing. It never becomes a true, healthy, happy relationship and this is what I m looking for. I know failing is good, and keep doing massive actions is good too (meeting people) but the failure seems to prove to me that it’s impossible.

I’m very hopeful whenever I meet someone but each time either I m not interested or the person is not.  I don’t get it. How can I change this circle? I guess I should really believe it can happen but I feel like I do in general but every time I fail it seems to be difficult to believe again. I think the deep thought is I don’t deserve it. So how can I start believing it really.  When I think about it rationally I know I deserve it but it might not be a belief yet.