How do I feel my feelings?

Hi! I’ve joined a week ago and so far am loving all these resources, particularly this section.

I love all the advice regarding feeling feelings rather than avoiding, resisting, or acting out – it makes total sense, and I am keen to get better at doing this.

So – how does one feel feelings? What does it look like? I believe I am doing it, i.e., I stop distracting or avoiding or acting out and am left sitting in discomfort, but what happens next? How long do I sit with it? If I have to do something, do I go and do it and just take the feeling with me? Or put the feeling aside and come back to it?

I would love to hear any concrete, practical advice, or to be shown the resources here where that is shown?

I’m currently on the ‘how to feel better’ series, Module 3… anywhere else I could look?

Thank you