Money Modules – New Scholar

Hello! I just started Scholars last week, although I’ve been in coaching with the model in The Clutch and 2k and my first coach about 18 months ago. I’m familiar with the model, and I use it regularly. I started SCS to work on my money mindset because I am just finishing up my coaching certification with a different organization, and I’m in 2k, and I’ve hit walls (my thoughts, I know), and my results show it.

I’m on the Money Module 1 about spending where Brooke gives homework to list the expenses that I’ve loved and not loved as well as listing the regular financial fuel in my life. I have very few things that I feel positive about from my entire life when it comes to money. That’s why paying for coach certification 2k for 2k, and even SCS feel super shitty even though I know that they are investments. Brooke says to get in a place where I feel good about the regular fuel and those investments in myself. Could you please coach me on this? It’s not clear to me yet, although I know it will involve the model.

I did uncover thoughts from the first money modules and felt the deep physical sensations that come from fear, shame, and feeling “doomed” to not make money. Here are some, and they might help with my question:
There’s no one to help.
I’m all alone having to make something out of nothing.
It’s a really scary burden.
I want more money.
I still tend to think that debt is bad.
There’s never enough even when I make more money.
I’ll teach extra classes (very low paying classes with lots of time/effort and little value) just to pay off bills.
I never have time to build my business, and it probably won’t succeed anyway.

Sometimes I come up with a Thoughts that helps like “debt is temporary” and “I can start making money as a coach anytime. I just need clients.” but then I wake up in the morning with money fear and numbers rolling through my head. Could you help me come up with a way to model myself into appreciating the fuel of my life so that I can begin to manage my money mindset?