How Do I Help My Clients?

Hi Brooke!
I’m so happy to be here and a part of SCS. I am like a sponge in learning the model and I have been a student of personal development for years and years. I am and Addict’s Mom and I am a Life Coach. I have written a book called Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You) An Addict’s Mom’s Guide to Peace, which went to #1 on Amazon in Parenting and Addiction. My clients are Mom’s of Addict’s and I help them through changing their thoughts about being a Mom that enables, feels guilty, angry and not being able to fix their kids. They are usually addicted to their addict.

I am struggling so much with my niche as most of my Mom’s want to feel bad about feeling bad. What I try to bring out in them is that it’s okay to feel bad and that they cannot control their child and definitely cannot fix them. They’re decisions to use is their decision. But, what I’m finding is that they are fighting themselves about ever moving forward or ever feeling better about themselves. Alot of blaming going on in this arena.
Struggling about moving forward with this. I do not want to work with the addict. I want to work with the Mom, so not having to be an advocate of drug education, but working with the Mom’s and getting them in a place of taking care of themselves first. Your model is perfect to introduce to my clients.
For me to get myself out there and help them with their thoughts about their precious child as an addict is really hard for me. My daughter was a heroine addict and my son was an alcoholic and I have done the deep dive in my own mental health for so long. That is why I’m here.
How do I create a program that will help my clients without patronizing them into thinking that just changing their thoughts would help them through this traumatic time for them. I am one of them and I am on the other side and you have helped me so much by being a part of your SCS program. Way beyond what I tried in the past.
So, I question my niche because it’s painful and I am not sure I want to go down that road, but then again, how can I not help them when I was one of them? I have had 4 sessions with Suzy (love her) and she said to give it a year before changing niche’s and I committed that I would do that. She told me “how can you NOT share your message and help these Mothers?” How can you withhold this to anyone. It’s been 5 years and my kid’s are clean and sober and now I just want to help others realize that their life matters.
So, I am putting together a teleseminar on how to feel better and take control of their life. To feel like a worthy Mom and a incredible woman prior to any of the substance abuse. I know I’m on the right track here and need some encouragement to move forward. My clients are in so much pain and I think they like being where they are, (for some reason, they like their suffering) . How can I make an impact here? By following the model, the Motivational Triad both old and new. Getting them on the right track knowing that they cannot control another person, even if it’s their child.
Whew! It’s a tough one, but I’m the Mom that understands and can teach them that there is a better path.

What do you think? Do you think that my niche is the right path for me being the Mom of my Ideal Client for so long? I think I’m my own Ideal Client. LOL

Love your program! Thank you so much!