How do I hold belief for a client who pays but doesn’t show up for calls?

How do I hold belief for a client who pays and doesn’t show up for calls?

I have a client who I did a sales call with back in March and was a no. Then, last week, she emailed me, said she was ready to get started and immediately paid when I sent her the invoice. Our first call was scheduled for 6am Tuesday and she didn’t show up. I emailed her to make sure I didn’t mix up the time and she replied apologizing that she overslept because she was at the office until 1am. I told her that I don’t typically reschedule missed calls, but that I had time this morning at 6am. She replied that she was available, so I sent her another calendar invite. Well, she didn’t show up this morning either.

I wrote her at 7am telling her I was sorry to miss her again but that I hoped to see her next week. She wrote back that she was sorry, that she is overwhelmed and that she’s hoping a weekend at the beach will help her regroup.

Both times, I spent the missed call time working in my business on some upcoming projects and content. I’m trying to come at this from a neutral place. There is no way of knowing what her thoughts are that limit her from showing up to coaching calls that she paid for. I guess I can only focus on myself. Part of me is like, why are you wasting both of our times? And then the other part of me is wondering how I can help her, knowing I cannot create in her model? She tried to change the C of her stressed life by paying me, but it didn’t change whatever patterns are causing her not to show up for herself.

Here are some models I want to explore:

C: Client schedules coaching calls and does not show up.
T: She is wasting both of our times
F: Resentment
A: Ruminate about how she isn’t showing up. Wonder how a fellow woman and lawyer could do this. Potentially show up to the next call with resentment and coach her in a way that doesn’t serve her.
R: I waste my time.

C: Same
T: I want to use this time to help others
F: Purposeful
A: Work on other projects. Make a post on social media. Update my coaching contract to make it clear that missed calls are not to be rescheduled. Write to get coached about this.
R: I focus on how I can serve others.