How do I learn to feel my feelings? (AMC)

Hi, Brooke.

I’m spending a lot of time working through the model. I wake up a lot of mornings with anger, anxiety, worry… what my therapist used to call “masking emotions”… I do my model and work through it and I’ve been watching and rewatching the December calls, particularly about the modeling and Q&As. Here’s the thought I had this morning: I’m sad, but I don’t know how to feel my sadness and that’s why I buffer with food or other activities. Here’s what happened this morning and the model I did:

C: Sadness is part of being human.
T: I don’t know how to feel sad. OMG, I am totally messed up.
F: Anxious, angry with myself
A: Buffered. Went onto FB and posted some pictures of Christmas activities with my kids to make myself feel better and not feel like my life is messed up.
R: Felt momentarily better when people “liked” my photos. Didn’t feel the sadness and now feel more upset with myself and overwhelmed that I won’t feel my negative emotions. Want to eat junk even though I’m doing IF.

C: Sadness is part of being human.
T: It’s okay to feel sad.
F: Sadness
A: Cry. Feel sad. Be present with feeling the mess.
R: Learn to sit and feel my emotions, especially the negative ones.

The only problem is that I actually don’t know how to do the last model. Help?!? Thank you, A.