How does my protocol look?

I’m 5′ 4″, 110 lbs. I started at 120 a year ago. Once I got serious with my eating protocol and stopped drinking it all melted like magic in a matter of a couple weeks. I originally had a goal of 105 ( I was 100 lbs my entire adult life until I turned 40 and had two kids) but I’m thinking 105 might be too thin and I feel really good at 108. I do the intermittent fasting and my eating window is noon to 8 pm. My protocol is Greek 100 yogurt, 1/4 C granola and 1/2 C berries at noon. A salad with kale, 1/2 avocado, tomato, 2 eggs, bell pepper 2 T olive oil and 1.4 C nuts or seeds on top around 4 pm. Dinner is 1/2 C brown rice and 1/2 C black beans ( love beans and rice!) around 7 pm. Also, having the rice and beans seems to give me better sleep vs. eating a salad for diner and the rice and beans for lunch. I have been vegetarian all my life but like eggs and dairy. I wonder if I’m getting all the nutrients that I need. I started taking some gummy vitamins (I hate swallowing pills) but I wonder if taking them in the morning is breaking my fast. I don’t really like taking them at all. What are your thoughts about my protocol and whether taking a supplement is even necessary. Also should I stick to 108 or go for the last 3 lbs. I have a pretty small frame (think gymnast) and walk every day for exercise. I’d like to start working with hand weights to add a little definition and work on my abs to tighten up my tummy from having kids.