How I feel as a parent

My daughter is 5 and I parent solo.  My daughter is silly which is fine. And when we’re out with other people she starts to put on a performance act. Silly 100% more (of course this is just my thought, I know). Trying to make other people laugh. Saying things she wouldn’t normally say at home. Saying she doesn’t like certain foods that she asks for on a normal basis at home. Yesterday she randomly asked where her presents were at a friend’s house.  I don’t know the line between telling her not to act that way or accepting this is how she is.  I don’t want to make her be someone she’s not or reject her.

Here’s just one model I have going. I am not sure I have the R line correct.

C: Daughter
T: I don’t know how to let her be herself
F: defeated
A: Think about how I am ruining her life at 5 because she’s in her formative years. Resent being a single parent. Think thoughts about her dad not helping me. Tell her to stop acting this way. Tell her she’s embarrassing me. Tell her she’s being rude. Expect her to act like an adult?
R: keep the T?