How I show up

In my coaching calls I have been given feed back that I show up with anger and disrespect, at least that is the energy I portray on the call when I discuss my work situation. I am wanting to change this but it is difficult to find a bridge.

C: Told I will be scheduled every Sunday and Monday at work and they gave my days to a new hire
T: They broke their promise
F: Furious
A: Complain to my family and coworkers, argue in my head about how unfair it is all day long, not able to sleep, binge eat, show up with resentment
R: They tell me I am not a team player

I see how the model pans out. But I get stuck with “but they broke a promise so am I suppose to just roll over and be like oh well?”

Are we suppose to be ok with being lied to? I have an option to quit if I don’t like it but I love my job. I just don’t like being lied to by administration. I know I am not owed anything in life but how do I show up as my best self when I feel like a victim? How can you say I am not a victim in this situation? I don’t understand the coaching I have been receiving.

How am I supposed to find my power and show up with confidence? How am I supposed to chose to feel neutral without buffering? If I sit with feelings of anger and being lied to and used by my employer it only makes me angrier and then it’s harder to show up in power. Please help me. I can’t wait to understand this because being stuck in this river of misery is unproductive and yet if I accept the fact they did this aren’t I not treating myself with respect?