How impossible should my impossible goal be?

Hi Brooke–
I love this month’s theme, but I am wondering if my impossible goal is “too impossible” for where I am right now. I set an impossible goal of wanting to make $2 million on my first digital course. I currently have $600 in sales for the course. Getting to $2 million DEFINITELY feels impossible. But getting to $1million feels impossible. Even getting to $100k feels impossible. So when there are a range of impossible goals to choose from, is it recommended to go with the lowest impossible goal or the highest? Also, is my impossible goal within the 2019 time frame or is it a lifetime impossible goal? I guess as a lifetime goal, $2million feels like well yeah, maybe I could do that. Within 12 months, at my current startup level, it feels kind of beyond impossible. Your impossible goal of $100 million actually sounds like you do believe it’s possible (and I’m sure it is), so I’m unclear as to how to get the most out of this impossible goal without feeling like, it’s so impossible, it no longer feels like a goal. But it also feels so unrealistic that I’m not sure how to stay out of “why bother”. Thank you!