How the model helped

Yesterday I doubted myself and had a moment of failing ahead of time around my protocol.

I am sensing the same urges and feelings happening right now, so I hope it’s okay that I am sharing with you my models

It went like this:

C: Protocol (eat 2x a day)
T: I will be hungry before my next meal (oh gosh, I am actually hungry right NOW)
F: Panic, desired food
A: Thought about eating off protocol
R: Felt disappointed with self (ahead of time)

Then I changed it
C: Protocol
T: I can show up for myself, and deal with hunger (because it’s not an emergency). You can do hard things.
F: Determined, Peaceful
A: Stayed on protocol, allow urges, felt hunger
R: Stuck with protocol. Proud of self.

Rinse & repeat — daily!!

Just doing this is so helpful.

When does it get easier, Brooke?! It does, right??!