How to allow things to be

Hello Brooke,

So my little sister who is 12 years old is struggling with school. She feels so alone and says she struggles with making friends because she doesn’t know what to say.

She doesn’t eat, she cries, she doesn’t want to go to school and feels completely unworthy.

I talked to her about the power of her thoughts and she can wake up everyday with a choice of how she wants her day to go.

I spoke to her about being comfortable with herself and being alone. That the right people will come. That she doesn’t have to try to people please other kids just to avoid feeling alone.

I told her that it’s okay to be alone and sometimes we need to learn how to enjoy our own company.

OR she could also choose to step out of her comfort zone and go up to kids that also may look like their alone and talk to them.

I taught her the model and what things she could think about when she begins feeling anxiety.

I said and did all I could.

Now I know I have to work on my own thoughts.

I feel helpless and scared for her.

I picture her at school afraid and alone hiding in the bathroom stall.

I want to believe that she will be just fine.

But I worry because she lost her dad about a year ago. She goes to therapy but she still wakes up everyday with anxiety afraid to go to school.

I’ve mentioned to her that she is feeling anxiety because she’s afraid of how she will feel through out the day.

I did my best. How do I let it be?