How to develop a thicker skin?

My work environment is usually a pretty good culture, but there are times when I feel like I’ve gotten belittled or blamed by a coworker or ancillary staff for things that are not my fault but are just a result of the stress of that person needing an outlet for their anger. I also am a human so I know I sometimes can make mistakes but I am usually very careful and do not think I make any more mistakes than the average person, and it really does feel like it’s more about the person who is frustrated and blaming than about me or that I made any real mistake (or if I did, not anything really substantial). I usually mull over these situations for days or weeks though, and I know I’m overly sensitive and should have a thicker skin because these things tend to affect me for quite a long time and color my impression of my relationship with that person. I know I take them personally too and start questioning myself. But objectively, I get good feedback on all my reviews, so I know these things I should really just let roll off my back and not sweat. But it always feels kind of personal. How do I grow a thicker skin and not let these things affect me so much?