How to DO Emotions?

I’ve never thought of the idea of allowing emotions. I always had a good idea of whether I am happy or angry or sad mainly because physically they were unquestionable, but also because of the circumstance I was at.

I joined Scholars because I would like to write that novel that is in me, and each time I plan to start, I panic and run to the hills, buffering with either food or keep researching online ‘how to write a book.’

From Brooke’s work I understand now that my brain is freaking out because I want to do something new that we’ve never done before.
Until now I was unable to switch to my prefrontal cortex in the moment, and always when the time comes to sit and write, I get anxious and keep searching for ‘how to write a book’ elsewhere.

My question is how do I DO emotions?
If my way to the other side is through the willingness to feel the anxiety and pain and doubt and write anyway, what do I physically do IN THE MOMENT of anxiety?