People please and feeling uncomfortable

Working on people pleasing today. My neighbor, whom I love very much, asked me to do a little chore for her. I chose not to help her out. I’m sticking to my plan and time for the chore was not on my plan – honoring the calendar and myself from last month.

So I felt bad right in the center of my chest. I did models – like 20 of them. I like my thoughts. I like my reasons for doing and choosing what I did.

I still don’t feel great. I still feel a little heavy. Is this the uncomfortable part you talk about? In my pre-frontal cortex brain, I did the right thing. In my heart, I did the right thing. But my lizard brain is telling my I’m going to be shunned and cast out of the cave, right? I know I’m not, but it thinks I am and that’s what is causing the discomfort?