"How to feel better modules" comment and SO question.

Hi Brook,

I’ve been committing to the “How to feel better modules”… one hour a night in the evening and it’s wonderful. I’ve heard a lot of what you are saying in the videos before, but repetition really works for me. I do have a question about the SO plan. I’ve almost reached my 100 allowed urges but have had minor set backs. I was listening to one of your coaching calls about really “allowing the urge”. example follow the drink plan lets say 2 glasses of wine and stop…. sit with the empty glass, cork the bottle. Well I guess for me I was maybe resisting more than allowing because I would end of pouring the rest of the bottle away. … Silly me. You mentioned leaving the empty glass there and sitting and allowing. Was I perhaps doing more resisting than allowing? I think I can answer that one. 🙂 My plan now is to start again with the 100 allowed urges but I want to speed up the process. The good news is the more I’m aware of my thoughts, feelings and actions, I’m realizing that the over drinking is less of the problem and I’ve become more and more aware of my indulgent feelings. I indulge in “anger” and I plan on committing to take massive action to work on this!! Notice how I didn’t say “I need” :). Thank you!! FYI… Next month I become a VIP and I can’t wait!