A brand new life

Hi Brooke; I am a mid-age professional career woman making $100K a year. I want to create a life with more freedom to be emotionally and physically present for my family; I want to double my income too. I imagine what I would feel like as this person, in the future: free from being chained to an office and a computer, free from stress of a corporate job. I imagine myself being more mobile, with more time and more income to bless my own life and the life of others. I want to feel abundant, free and joyful – a Powerhouse of overflowing love and goodness and freedom and abundance (spiritual and temporal). How do I find the way to make this happen? Here is my model:
C: I have a job that I work 60 hours a week at mostly inside and office, by myself, in front of a computer
T: I want a completely opposite work condition than what I currently have; I do not want to give up my income; I want to create more income
F: Trapped – I don’t see a way out; Apathetic: I don’t know what to do, what move to make, where to go
A: I make little to know effort to do something different
R: Same job, same discontent