How to find my thoughts?

Hi Brooke,

I’m new here and my focus is on weight loss. I’m an emotional eater and have issues with self sabotage and procrastination.
Actually I perfectly know what to do, just when it comes to implementing it, I seem to be too weak to keep to my plan. It looks like I don’t really want it but this is not true.
I try to analyze and it feels like I fear something but I know there is nothing I should be afraid of. When I try to find my thoughts in the moments I make bad choices, it feels like I have no thoughts at least not in the manner of self talk. I find thoughts like “I’m so tired” or “now I need something to feel better” or the general feeling of disappointment because I failed again but not a reason for not keeping to my plan.
How can I find the thoughts that will lead me to the root cause of what is holding me back?