How to handle smoking?

Hi Brooke,

I’m brand new to this program and I have dug deep into the weight loss program and I’m already on day 3 of intermittent fasting. I’m a smoker, quit for a month but started back up a few months ago. I am definitely smoking more each day than I ever have and the fasting is definitely causing me to fill in the “blanks” with smoking (boredom, break from work, etc.). I’m very new to the model and still learning it but I cannot seem to find something that works with quitting smoking in regards to the new thought. I’m willing to bet I’m not the only that has struggled with this but not sure how to handle it. Should I handle it like the alcohol plan where I determine how many I will smoke the night before? I know the only way to kill the nicotine cravings is to just rip the band-aid off and suffer until the physical addiction dissolves…Is there some magic model for quitting smoking lol? I know it’s all based on my thoughts around cigarettes but I cannot seem to cut through the thought cluster to find something that I believe and that changes the way I feel.