How to loosen up on "The How."

Hello friend!

I am clear on exactly what I want. I also have an obsession when it comes to timing. Wanting things when I want them versus allowing them to unfold (for instance, meeting the most amazing man and partner for me. When I say to myself “he’s out there and he’s looking for you too,” I get WARMTH and excitement all throughout, especially in my heart. It’s a good thing I’m a Yoga & Meditation Teacher and help others to understand sensation and feelings! I am deeply connected to this part of myself and love that my head and heart line up when it comes to work and teaching.

I am excited to evolve as a result from the daily work and the investment in Scholars and In-Person Training. I have taken your words of wisdom in when it comes to picking ONE thought for the month of March. And that is “The money I’m investing in myself and my business is money that I am earning now and paying myself back.” (This year that is approx $30k)

I have a strategy and specific and measurable goals. Daily goals. Weekly and monthly.

The conflicting sentence is “Can I do it? Am I tide too tightly to the how? To my strategy and goals and making it to mean that it won’t happen if it doesn’t happen exactly as I strategize for it to happen.”

I am looking to understand how to loosen up around the how. How do I make the how more fun. More like “let’s see what happens?! How exciting.” I teach these concepts and yet struggle with applying it when it comes to myself.

I do believe I will make this happen no matter what.

How did you let go of your how? Or at least loosen up with it.

Any suggestions or thoughts is always appreciated!

Thank you so much!