Access granted (Nadège)

Hi my dear coach,
On the way to work today I was practising my March belief, “I weigh 55kgs” which seems more and more real to me. However, in front of the intercom (“access granted”), I realised I was expecting some kind of authorization to weigh that amount!? How weird! No wonder I haven’t been progressing much if I’m expecting something, someone, somewhere to allow me to weigh 55kgs!
C – my weight
T – I’m expecting somebody to allow me to weigh 55kgs
F – expectant, powerless, dependent, inactive
A – I wait for the authorized access
R – I’m still waiting!
My intentional thoughts:
– I allow myself to weigh 55kgs
– I get to weigh the weight that I choose
– It’s my life, my choice, my weight
– Choosing my own weight is such a privilege!
They make me feel free, independent, autonomous. I particularly like that last thought which makes me feel privileged, spoilt and I like that!
Any feedback would be welcome. Thank you!