How to make an intentional model the more immediate reaction? (cee)


Please advise if i did the model correctly. Or is there anything that can be improved. (On the unintentional model, i was able to interrupt my action thus not having the mentioned result as well)

C – a coworker sends the same message on several group chat on an issue that happened at work
T – have a motive of shaming me on different groups
F – irritated
A (interrupted) – i would have wanted to reply back coming from a place in irritation, thus, might be saying something rude/disrespectful
R (interrupted) – might have resulted in a series of negative exchange of messages and not having a good relationship with my coworker (both at work and in personal)

C – same
T – she does not mean anything negative and only wanted what’s good for the company
F – understanding, compassion
A – respond in a way showing understanding and compassion
R – have good relationship with this coworker and hopefully resolve the issue on C

Also, i realized that everytime this coworker did something that i think is not appropriate, my automatic feeling/reaction is to be irritated thinking that she has some grudge on me and wanted to get back somehow. I now these are all my thoughts. I wanted the second model to be more prevalent/automatic reaction than the first one. How can i do that?