How to make friends

Hi Brooke,

I want to have friendships, I feel like I have a few but they mostly exist online or through occasional texting. I was in an abusive relationship a few years back and slowly caged myself off from all of my friends and now find it very hard to be social. I used to go to parties knowing zero people and leave with friends. I could meet people anywhere. Now I avoid parties, cause I find myself sitting alone and hating it.

In regards to current friends, a few have stayed through it all but we do not hang out that often. I have noticed that in my past I am good at situational friendships (college friends, roommates, work mates, etc). Do you have any suggestions on building a community/group of friends. Heck even just one friend. How do you be a good friend… I have one best friend and he and I are now a couple for 6 years. However, as a couple with a child we can no longer be each others everything and sounding board in the same way.

How do I build good friend skills, how do I find friends, is this even something I should be asking hahaha. Could this also be about confidence, how do I get that back? I miss being light hearted and laughing and the life of a party.


Thank you,

Lonely in California.