How to make sure of the Result in the model.

I would like to make sure I am finding the right results in my models.

C : Money
T : I am afraid of lacking money
F : Scarcity
A : Obsess about what I spent, limit my spending, I feel resentment against my husband for spending too much, I don’t concentrate on work, I don’t try to create more money on my business, I imagine going back to France where life is cheaper than here (Switzerland)
R : I am losing time and energy ???

Intentional Model
C : Money
T : I will create 300’000 CHF for myself
F : Determined
A : I set up meetings with my team to think about new ways of increasing revenue, I set up a meeting with a friend who is currently in the LCS certified coach training to get her feedback, I start thinking about some niches, I think about becoming a coach on top of my current business, I find a new fiduciary, I follow the money module, I invest one hour every day to work on this module, I do lots of models on money,
R : I am moving toward my goal ???