How to run a model on a recurring thought without a clear circumstance

I’m doing a thought download on my mum and the following g thoughts came up:
– she’s judgmental, manipulative, makes me responsible for her happiness, shes not happy, she should be happy

When I go to run the model I have my pick of thoughts but I’m struggling to identify the circumstance is the c line ‘time thinking about my mum’? And also the r line?

If I run a model on ‘she’s manipulative’

C …?
T – she’s manipulative
F – defensive
A – assume negative intent, react to anything she says even when not being manipulative, ruminate over what she said and what she might have meant, gossip about her to others seeking validation for my thought, don’t feel love and connection towards her
R – I’m also not sure on my result / how I’m reinforcing the thought?