How to stop buffering

This week I’ve noticed that every time I sit down to start my work, my brain says “But first, let me do this…” and then instead of starting what I had planned to do, I do something else (or many things else) I like better. I realized that I’m buffering because avoiding my work due to how I’m feeling about it.

From what I know about stopping buffering, the steps are:

The moment right before I start buffering, stop and:
1. Check in with the emotion that’s present and allow it
2. Name it and describe what it feels like in my body
3. Ask myself what are the thoughts that are causing it

But then what’s the next step?

I wrote down what I was feeling (resistance and dread) and the thoughts that came to mind like:
I don’t want to do this
This is too much work
I want to be doing something more fun
I’m tired of writing

Do just decide, “Ok; I hear and see you thoughts and feelings. I choose to do this anyway”?

I’ve made that decision in the past but the resistance and dread are still so present that it continues to make it tough to do the work. They’re the same feelings that were stopping me before I did the thought work, and I feel like even after I decide I’m going to work anyway, they’re still there stopping me because they’re still there.

What am I missing?