How to Stop Comparing Myself to Other Coaches

I constantly find myself comparing myself to other coaches whenever they deliver a FB live, a training, or a podcast. I always feel like my content isn’t good enough (whenever I listen to their content), and that “I’m not good enough because my content isn’t like Coach _____.” My model is:

C Listen to other Life Coach’s content
T My content isn’t as good as Coach _____!
F Incompetent
A Comparing myself to other coach, judging my own content, changing my content to be more like the other coaches, not standing by my beliefs, considering changing my niche because I start doubting myself
R I don’t create my original content and don’t create my own authentic self

How can I start loving and appreciating my own message/work when I think it’s garbage whenever I see another coach making “better content” than me? I hate comparing myself to other coaches and constantly feeling in lack. My gut reaction is to change my thought about myself and my content… should I just start with bridging my thoughts?