How to Stop Procrastinating


I have made a lot of waves in my life by just doing things. I’m now slaying weight loss and health goals. I’m being a great partner in my relationship. However, when it comes to my professional life I am constantly avoiding pushing things further. I keep procrastinating on important things like taxes, business planning, website creation, meeting prep, etc. But I know that if I want my business life to improve, I must put in the hard work to make it grow.

How can I stop procrastinating? And what are some good bridge thoughts to think when you have work to do that you don’t want to do?

My current thoughts are:

“This will take forever” “This will be complex and difficult” “I don’t want to do this”

Before coming up with bridge thoughts, question and challenge the ones that you do have.

What if you’re wrong? What if they’re just thought errors?

You got this.