How to utilize SCS

I know there’s lots of guidance on this question, but I’m still struggling with it. I do the coaching sessions most week, but in between that, I’m not doing much and I’d like to be integrating more on a day-to-day basis. What would be one small way to integrate scholars throughout the week? I know going through the courses in the study vault on my own just doesn’t happen, and I think I need something smaller and easier to bite off to start with. Maybe it’s doing one mindset model per day? I was thinking about leaving scholars as I’ve been in it a while and (totally on me) I’m not seeing the changes that i know are possible. I think I get overwhelmed with all the things… the podcasts…. the live coaching calls… the study vault lessons… the doing thought downloads and CTFAR modules… I just don’t end up doing anything. I’d love an outside perspective or suggestion on how to integrate scholars more into my day-to-day in a way that feels totally achievable and not overwhelming. Thank you!