Hunger Vs Urge

How do I differentiate hunger vs urge?
I had leftover Chipotle meal at my desk. Around 3pm I got a sensation that initially felt like an urge. I told myself – I need to sit with it, describe it and in a few minutes it will be gone.
But the sensation did not go away. I felt it in the back of my throat all the way to my tummy, a pulling sensation.
Since the urge didnt go away after 2-3 mins, I started distracting myself to not give in. That seemed to help. But the Urge/Hunger returned.
After an hour battle of allowing/distracting, my brain convinced me that I am actually hungry since I didn’t eat my usual meal (I intentionally stopped half way during lunch (and I also felt full)). I ended up eating the rest of my meal.
I am curious and want to learn the difference between urge and hunger