Husband has Health Problems

My husband has a very physical job in a warehouse. He is 63 years old.  Last week he became concerned about a pain in his leg and left work to go to the emergency department. He was diagnosed with a blood clot and prescribed medication.

I have been having thoughts that my husband’s body is aging and he is slowly deteriorating. A year ago, he was training for a marathon. His 17th marathon. Recently, he told me that he wants to take a break from running. Running marathons is part of what we have in common. Being physically active.  On the positive side he rides his Peloton and supports me on his bike when I have the long weekend runs.

I feel scared that our life is going to change because of his health concerns. I want to be positive. But maybe this is part of the 50/50. I am searching for a way that I can be supportive and optimistic. But I am not there yet.

C Husband was diagnosed with a blood clot and prescribed medication
T This condition may not go away
F Fear
A Ask him daily how his leg feels
R Fear he may not return to his former good health