Husband travels and I am stuck coping with kid and home duties

My husband travels abroad every 4-6 weeks. He is gone for 6 weeks at a time for work, leaving me in charge of our 3 kids. This has been the case for more than a decade. Of late my health has started taking a toll. I have frequent severe headaches, been diagnosed with a spinal dysfunction, and am taking spinal injections for the same. I feel it is because of the stress of managing everything by myself without any help at all. I don’t have money for getting childcare help or house help, so I need to be around all the time. All this responsibility also means I am unable to hold down a job.

Husband doesn’t see any problem. He sees his job as earning money to support the family. His job does allow us to send our kids to private schools. I really do not want the kids to change schools as it will be very disruptive for them. I know that my husband will not find another job without travel that pays as much. I do love him, but I think he shrugs it off when it comes to managing the kids or helping out, even when he is not traveling.

This is my model. Please help suggest how I can start to move forward.

C: Husband travels every other 6 weeks for 6 weeks. 3 kids to manage.
T: I am not doing what I want in life (get back to a job) as am just stuck with managing home and kids.
F: Frustration
A: Complain, fight, going to relationship counseling which he is not liking, I do everything anyways but from resentment,
R: I am not moving forward