Husband with financial problems

Hi, I’m struggling with my relationship with my husband and one of our main problems is with money. He has maxed out all of his credit cards and borrowed large sums of money from family and friends, trying to keep an unsuccessful business alive as well as overspending in general. Despite this, he continues to look for more avenues to borrow additional money. He has no money invested or saved. I am good with money and have a healthy amount saved. I feel judgement toward him, as well as fear and resentment about how his financial choices affect me— whether by me ending up responsible for the bills he can’t pay, or simply the stress of being married to a person that borrows money he can’t repay.
I don’t want a divorce and I want a good relationship with him. I understand that my negative feelings are a result of my thoughts about the situation but I’m struggling to come up with positive or even neutral thoughts to replace the negative ones with.
C- husband with increasing debt
T- his spending is out of control
F- fear
A- distance myself from him, try to make him realize he needs to stop spending so much and pay off the debt, spinning in worry
R- troubled relationship, living with constant underlying anxiety

C- husband with increasing debt
R- peacefully living my own life with confidence that things will work out

Suggestions for replacement thoughts and feelings would be appreciated! My current thoughts are so ingrained that I am struggling to see this any differently.