Husbands Friends

Hi Brooke

My Husband has some friends (a married couple who have a very fiesty relationship) that I dont really have anything in common with and whenever they come over i get all anxious and shitty with my husband prior and during their visit. My husband and the wife of the couple are really good friends and in the begining of this friendship I was a real nutter riddled with jealousy. I have done model work on this situation over and over again…. But I am still CHOOSING to get pissed about it (the reason i type this now is that they are coming tomorrow!). HELP ME as I dont want to be shitty with Hubby and I dont want to feel cray cray whenever they are around. If i am honest i still feel pangs of jealousy whenever he talks about her or goes to their house. 🙁 He tells me she is like a sister to him and that is all (this has now been 8 years in the making!). I even went to thearpy to try and over come this but alas that didnt really work as I am still in the space. I have also done thought work on our marriage which was really helpful and it made me realise that the love I was seeking from him is actually the love i want from myself!

Any ideas to guide me

Thanks in advance xxx